Thursday, August 12, 2010

Spanish Roots

Tonight I'm sitting in Seville, Spain, happy to have internet service to have a chance to update my blog, while my mother is telling me I'm crazy to worry about "work" when I'm on vacation. She's right, of course, except that I'm constantly working. As we climb onto our bus every morning to join the tour, in my head I'm conducting research. I'm not sure if Spain will show up in my next book or the one after, but as some of you tht are writers know, it's difficult not to study places you visit and not think of it in terms of a setting for a book. This is especially true for a place as gorgeous as Spain.
I'll be in Seville for a couple of days, then it's back to Madrid for a two more days before I head home. This will be the place where I conduct some real research. Since my great grandparents were from Spain, my mother and I are going to go to the library and try to do a bit of ancestory research and see what we can dig up. This has been an interest of hers for a long time and I'm sort of interested too.
Next week, I'll post some pictures!