Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yard Sale Update and Screen Writing

Last week's girl scout yard sale was a big success.

We had so many great things to sell, including coffee and muffins!

The moms all worked hard, getting up early, posting signs, and getting the best price for all items.

"How much are these skates?"

"We're asking $5, but we'll take $4, and even $3."

"I pick $3," the customer said, probably thinking these women are suckers.

Okay, so we weren't the best sales women, but we had fun, and the girls helped out too. Mostly by buying each other's stuff. My daughter came home with two stuffed animals and a pillow pet. Okay and I came home with candles. I love candles!

Only bad thing is that I hurt my back dragging a dang tarp full of clothes. It's made for a miserable week. But I'm hopeful that it will heal quickly.

This week our little group started their cookie fundraising. I won't bore you cookie selling stories. But remember to support those
smiling little girl scouts in your neighborhood.

Now on to writing related news. Are there any screen writers out there? Here is a great contest. If I had the time, I'd enter it myself.
SYNOPSIS: The sponsor will award two $3,000 cash prizes: one tothe best feature-length script with a female protagonist and one tothe best script showcasing diversity. Deadline(s): 03/19/2011
Good Luck!