Friday, February 17, 2012

Pictures from The Hike

I thought today, I'd share pictures of the hike I took a couple of weeks ago. It was a couple of miles long and tomorrow I am planning on accompanying my son and his boy scout troop on a 10 mile hike, which might turn out to be more than I can handle, but I'm going to try anyhow.

However, the hike connected to these pictures that I'm sharing today was short and peaceful. I think there's a perception of writers as people who spend a lot of time alone and that's true to a point. We have to actually sit behind a desk or table, our fingers on the keys of a computer and write the stories in our heads. That requires that we spend time alone thinking, planning, and writing. But outside of the"office" when the computer is shut down, most authors tend to have a full social life. This is true for me too, so when I get the chance to be alone or do something like go on a hike where I can have time to notice the colors of trees, the songs of birds or even the sound of my own breathing, I'm thrilled. Suddenly I remember to call people I've wanted to chat with, or a conversation I had suddenly returns and I realize that though I heard what that person said, it didn't penetrate until that second. Or I might simply realize that I need to spend more time exercising so that I'm not so winded the next time.

At the time I went, there weren't many people out on the trails. It was chilly and I actually thought maybe I was too alone as I read the signs warning that rattle snakes and mountain lions have been seen and can appear suddenly. Being the smart girl scout leader that I am, I promised myself that next time I'd bring someone along with me. Having time to think and enjoy nature is great, but being safe is pretty important too.

The nature trails are part of the Wildlands Conservancy in Oak Glen. They are mostly very easy trails and perfect for families with small children. Great picnic spots are available throughout and wonderful benches like the one pictured on the left can be found with views of lakes.

I'm planning a return trip with my girl scout troop.

Tomorrow with the boy scouts is going to be more challenging. Wish me luck!