Friday, December 31, 2010

End of the Year Thoughts

My biggest goal for 2010 was to do less. I entered the year overwhelmed and just plain exhausted so I vowed that in 2010 I would do less and refuse to let things in life control me.

I failed miserably. And I can't say that I'm upset about that, because I've come to realize that being tired and overwhelmed isn't always a bad thing if the things that are occupying your time are good things.

I'm often tired because I've spent my week teaching my kids who are partially home schooled. I've attended their swimming, piano, guitar, Lego team practices.

I've led my girl scout troop through cookie sales and surf camps and nature hikes and countless meetings to help them earn badges and learn new things.

I've connected with friends on Facebook, and attended get-togthers with others where we laughed and talked until we were too tired to continue.

I traveled to Spain with my mom and learned a bit more about one of the branches of my latino roots.

I've gotten to hold my baby niece in my arms and watch my brother become a dad.

I've read books and gone to book club meetings.

I've tutored young kids in writing, and gotten involved in university life where I've been able to read the work of young, talented new writers and provide feedback on their work.

I've made a full year's progress toward my MFA.

I've blogged to you all about my life and thoughts.

I completed a new book that will be out next year, and am almost finished with a draft of another book.

I've cooked, and cleaned my house, and walked my dogs, and done tons of chores that aren't much fun, cut make living much nicer.

So, for 2011, I've decided I don't want to do less. I want to do and have more this time around, because I can't imagine giving up any of it. More fun, more friends, for great times with my kids. I want to write more than I did last year. I want more money (okay, I wanted that last year too!). I want to read more books. I want to work out more and have more energy. I want more happiness. I want more time . . .

I'm glad that I didn't get what I wanted in 2010, but look forward to 2011 and my new overarching goal.

I hope 2011 brings more of what you want as well!

Happy New Year!