Friday, September 18, 2009

Tango Baires Cafe

Last mother's day I decided to take my mom to an Argentine restaurant. A friend of mine had told me about a place in Upland that she really liked so this seemed like the perfect time to try it out. Where I live there are no Argentine restaurants. This place is about 40 minutes from my house which compared to driving into Los Angeles (a two hour plus drive) was pretty close.

I wasn't sure what to expect, and in fact, we almost drove right past it. It's located on a strip mall next to Baskin Robbins. We were served by two guys who were super charming and one of them, Diego called my mom, "Mamita" which she got a kick out of.

But, I knew immediately that if they agreed, I wanted to have my kick off book signing in this place. Dining in Tango Baires sent me back to my teen years in Argentina eating at my aunt and uncle's house, and to my childhood when my dad used to take us to an Argentine Deli owned by friends in West Covina. In both places I felt a warmth and friendliness that mades you want to relax and hang out all day.

At Tango Baires I was surrrounded by Argentine products like Yerba Mate and cookies and candies that my grandmother used to buy me; by bottles of wine and scrumptious desserts; by a TV with Argentine soccer playing in the background; and customers that spoke Spanish as they walked in and out with their take out. The atmosphere was perfectly homey and exactly the same feeling I tried to portray in Evenings at the Argentine Club.

So I took down Diego's number (one of the owners) and pasted it on my board in my office, and promptly forgot about it for a couple of months. But a couple of months later, my family and I returned to the restaurant and this time I mentioned my idea to the owner. I was pleased to hear from Roger and Clara - the other two owners - that they loved the idea of hosting my book signing!

So next Friday, on September 25th, I won't be posting (I'll post Saturday instead). I'll be signing books and sharing some empanadas and good conversation with all of you at Tango Baires Cafe. Join me and get to know the friendly owners.

By the way, the food is fabulous. I won't bother to critique it because I'm not a food critic, however, read what other customers say about their visits and you'll see that I'm not alone in feeling deliciously satisfied after my visits to Tango Baires.

Here is their address: 870 E. Foothill, Upland, Ca. 91786 (cross streets: Campus & Foothill)

If you get lost call: 909-985-6800 and they'll direct you in.



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