Friday, February 5, 2010

Have You See Avatar?

Finally, my son and I went to see Avatar. What an amazing movie! Okay, it was sort of a Dances with Wolves storyline with blue aliens rather than a Native American tribe, but that's okay, because we all know that there are no real new plots, so that didn't bother me.

I loved so much about this movie. The spectacular world of plants and trees that glow and light up when touched was beautifully appealing to watch. And the mystical qualities of this setting helped to draw us movie-goers into the world. The futuristic Avatar's capabilities were also awesome to see and imagine as possible. Besides, the very cool creatures were interesting to watch and compare to life on earth - they seemed to be a mix between a cat and a human with qualities of native tribes. Visually, I really enjoyed it, and the action scenes were fantastic.

But what I really loved about it was the message that if we come to really understand a group of people (enemy or just different from ourselves) we would never choose to destroy or harm them. Jake, the hero of Avatar is a military guy who is all too willing to help gather information about the Na-vi for the pupose of invading them and taking their home, until he learns to love their home and what it represents to them, as well as respect the people for their own unique qualities. It really makes you think about how many arguments and differences we might be able to solve between friends, husbands, wives, ethnic groups, and even countries if we took the time to really see deep inside the other person.

Avatar totally earned and deserves all the praise it's gotten. James Cameron has done it again - produced a grand scale movie that was amazing!

Anyhow, that's my opinion. What did you think?

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