Saturday, July 3, 2010

What I Love and What I Hate

I've been neglecting my blog lately, because summer had shown up and forced me to go on things like girl scout camp, swimming with my kids, vicious ping pong tournaments, and even to watch Disney movies. I'm in full mommy mode. But while sitting in the heat beside the pool, I made a list of things I loved and hated. Mostly it was a silly exercise to keep from being bored to death, but since it was sort of fun, I'll share my list with you.

Ten Things I Love

1. Smell of freshly shampooed hair on my kids (after they get out of the chlorinaded pool)

2. NYC lights viewed out of a hotel window 25+ floors up (thinking of next years RWA conference which will be in NYC and getting excited already)

3. Hot cup of coffee on a Sunday morning a I sit to work on my novel.

4. Scent of very old books

5. Watching World Cup Soccer - and the sexy players

6. A board game on a Friday night with my family

7. Complete silence

8 Puppies, puppies, puppies!

9. A good book I can't put down

10 Clothes sized so that I can buy a smaller size and pretend I've lost weight.

Ten Things I Hate (or really dislike, or find annoying)

1. A $3 softdrink that is mostly ice

2. Computer crashes that happen after I've written something brilliant (both happen rarely)

3. Ridiculous style of dress that's lasted way too long. I'm talking about men's pants below their ass and women wearing those double shirts - one shorter than the other, creating a band around thier stomach. This is not attractive. Come on!

4. Tissue-paper-thin toilet paper at Chipotle. Great burritos, but what's up with the toilet paper?

5. Babies crying at movie theaters. Sorry, but ticket prices are $12-$15 these days - no babies please.

6. Califlower

7. All the cartoon shows for ADULTS. Hasn't our generation grown up yet?

8. Make up - hate that women feel they have to wear so much of it. Also hate that I'm allergic to it and that my eyes look like tomatos when I have to wear it.

9. Driving tickets. All of them. Speeding, parking, seat belts - they're all bogus.

10. Hearing about another Hollywood 20-something actress getting arrested for something stupid she should know better not to do. Tired of Linsay Lohan already.

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  1. I like your list! You made me start my day with a laugh and I appreciate that!

    Happy Fourth of July!