Friday, September 17, 2010

Frustration Kills Creativity

Well, we're now one month into the school year, and it's been a frustrating start. I've home schooled my kids from the beginning of their educational "career", but decided to team up with a charter school a few years back. It was a good decision in many ways. The kids did all the academic stuff at home, but got to go to fun workshops ranging from Robotics to Art study to cooking at the learning center. They met and became friends with other children whose parents also home school. And as a parent it's been helpful to connect with other parents and educators at the charter.

But as the charter expanded, they decided to add an academy where most of the "schooling" is done at their site while two days are home study days. I've decided to try it and see how the kids and I like it. But unfortunately, academically this academy is so weak that I'm having to supplement work daily and feeling like I might as well go back to home schooling.

I know that no school is perfect, and a school can't meet everyone's expectations perfectly, so I'm trying to be patient. It hasn't been easy, and it's been consuming soooo much of my time. So for the first time ever I'm sitting at my desk at night and even though I know what I want to write and am usually looking forward to it the entire day, the words just aren't coming out when I finally flip the lap top open. And the words that are stumbling off my fingertips . . . suck.

I don't believe in writer's block, but is there such a thing as life zapping out your creativity? Can you get psychological help for that? Tell a thearpist my children's education is to blame? Probably not.
This weekend, I'm taking my girls scout troop surfing in San Diego. A few days on the beach will most likely be the best therapy : )
Happy weekend to all!

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