Friday, January 28, 2011

Yard Sale Anyone?

I'm getting ready in a few hours to go "prepare" for a ten family yard sale tomorrow. We're going to sort and price all the items that we're happy to have eliminated from our house and garages. There will be pizza and beer and it will be a blast. Since I hate yard sales, this is what I keep telling myself.

I remember saying last year that I would not anymore yard sales, but I caved on this one. The goal is to do a funraiser for our girl scout troop, but as of today, I haven't gotten approval to raise money for my scout troop. So, it has now become simply a yard sale.

Why I'm I not a huge fan of yard sales? People sell the weirdest things, don't they? I always think, if I don't want this, why would anyone else want it? I found this on the internet. Someone selling a casket. Hey, why not? Of course, I'd put one of my relatives in a casket I bought at a yard sale! Especially if I didn't like them very much.

Plus you have to get up super early to put all the junk out in your driveway, and a few hours later put most it back in. Waste of time.

Then there are those signs you have to make and hang. Ugh. I love to write, but making yard sale signs have to be the most boring, uninspiring chore every. I've tried to get my kids to get creative with them, and even they can't do it. But I did find a couple of funny examples on the internet.

Maybe I'll try these.
Well, I'll post some of my own pictures tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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