Friday, January 6, 2012

Time off for a writer

The end of my three weeks off comes to an end. Really, my children were the ones that got three weeks off from school. For me it was going to be a time to read and write mostly, but I had a long list of things I would do with them, things I would for myself, and lastly for my home.

Holiday shopping (check)
Put up Christmas decorations (check)
Take down Christmas decorations (check)
Holiday cooking (check)
Take kids to the movies (check)
Take kids swimming in Palm Springs (check)
Take kids to visit friends (check)
Take my daughter rollerblading (check)
Volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific with my daughter (check)
Go on a bike ride with my son (check)
Take the kids to Castle Park Amusement park (check)
Spend time with friends (check)
Read for fun (check)

Then things beging to fall apart
Clean out the garage (sort of check)
Write everyday (yes, but . . . does a sentence or two count?)
Finish my parital to get it to agent (sort of check)
Clean my office (never happens)
Update my website (...)
Organize my girl scout paperwork (...)

Well, the list goes on and it's too depressing to think about all the things I didn't get done. So, I begin my work week which always begins on a Friday for me feeling like I sort of wasted the last few weeks "off", but looking back I realize that for a work-a-holic like me I only feel like I've wasted time, because I didn't get a lot of chores done. And I'm realizing that I don't understand the concept of taking time off. I actually DID accomplish that goal and I had a great time with my kids and friends. And to be honest, I wouldn't trade any of that time for a clean garage or house.

Now, it's back to work. The best part of getting back into my office is being able to focus on my current novel and move it back up to the top of my priority list. I've got new productivity goals and a bit of catching up for all the things I didn't do, but I'm ready to tackle them all.

Hopefully, for me and you, the new year begins not with a list of resolutions, but a continuation of a plan that brings us closer to becoming the people we enjoy being.

Happy New Year to all,


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