Friday, January 23, 2009

American Dream realized

( JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images)

The presidential inauguration is now over, and everyone seems ready to work hard to build a new America. Of course, I ask myself why we had to wait for a politician (president or not) to remind us that our country will not continue to grow and prosper without the involvement of each and every one of us. But if that's what it had to take than I'm fine with that. I'm happy to see people excited about the future again. And I'm thrilled that so many young people participated in the election process.

Now that the parties are over and the wonder of the "historic moment" has passed, my hope is that people will take that passion and apply it to their life. That they don't forget and go back to the apathetic way they lived before.

I'm the daughter of immigrants who believed in the American Dream, and I believe in it too. As an author I write stories of hope and the greatness of what people can achieve in America. But I don't believe that one man will or can do it all. Hilary Clinton's "It takes a village" is true. It takes the hard work of all of us to maintain a great nation.

And I'm eager to see what we all do in the coming months and years to make Inauguration day more than just one day.

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