Friday, January 30, 2009

Blog Plan

Ugh, I've had this killer flu or bug of some type for a week and I can't shake it. Got it from my daughter who went through her horrible week with her fever spiraling out of control. Don't you hate when your kids get sick? Basically when they're sick, you're out of commission too. You can't work, can't keep appointments, can't leave the house.

So, I feel like I haven't participated in the world for two weeks. Thank God for the internet. The only good thing about all this down time is that as I sat on the couch delirious, I did come up with a plan for this blog.

Since my schedule is normally insane, I will have a three day blog update, though I may surprise myself and throw in an extra day here and there. For now it will look like this:

Friday: Argentine travel, traditions, or insights about the culture and how is warped me

Sunday: Topic of the week (anything interesting going on in the world or with my work)

Wednesday: Recipes I like (and you can share yours too!)

Also I've created a separate blog for those of you who like to write or hope to write someday. It will be a sort of writers journal with mostly my writing process, struggles, aha moments and tips (when I have something original to share). And it can be a place for you all to ask writing related questions. Once I get that going I'll announce it here and cross post.

All right, I feel better already. Fading in and out while people's court plays in the background and the news announces a woman giving birth to EIGHT babies starts to mess with your mind after a while. You start wondering if you're dreaming, hallucinating or really hearing correctly. Writing fiction is much saner than watching TV.

Until Sunday,


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  1. I'm excited for your blog plan, and I love your other blog idea. I will definitly be excited to see more insights to your process as a writer.

    This week I was sick too, so I am hoping that next week will be better!