Friday, August 14, 2009

What's On Your Desk?

Every wonder what a writer's desk looks like? Usually, I wouldn't want anyone to see my desk, but chatting with my GCP publicist today, she mentioned that it would make an interesting blog. And after thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided that she's right. I've actually wondered at times if other authors' desks look as crazy as mine. Am I the only one that works buried under loads of junk? In fact, I think we ought to start a share what your desk looks like circle.

I'll start. As you can see from this picture. I have a variety of items on my desk. Some things you would expect to see on a writer's desk: a laptop, my current work in progress beside it where I've been editing a book that's due at the end of this month, pens, pencils, a phone, notes to myself on sticky papers. But then comes the "other stuff". Coffee cups and water glasses. You'll notice I have more than one. This is because I remember to bring them up to my office, but usually finish working way after midnight and don't take them back to my kitchen. The next day, I bring another. This goes on until I have not open stop to put a cup or glass down.

There there is a picture of my husband. Awe.

A journal I never have time to write in. Lego creations from my son. Ity, bitty beads from my daughter, piles of papers I WILL read someday, peach scented candle (very good!), a cashier's check I bought to give someone and I can't remember who - it's been on my desk for a year, no kidding. CD's, tapes, and cables, an Ipod speaker system, books about Wine for my current book, mentos, ear plugs for when the kids get too loud, my planner. Okay, you get the picture. I have my entire life on my desk.

Somehow, this seems to work for me.

So, do other authors have this much stuff on their desks? Come on guys, share your desk with me. I've got to know!



  1. What's in the jar, just wondering? Peaches? lol...

  2. That's my candle : )
    And, yes they're peaches. When I light it, it smells like warm peach pie baking in the oven. It's great!

  3. LOL, I was wondering the same thing - first I thought peaches, then apricots - then it hit me that had to be a candle. I used to like to burn incense when I wrote but it's been a long time since I did that.

  4. I enjoyed reading your book for Hachette and I'm in the process of reviewing it as we speak. I loved how rich it was and I felt as if the characters were real people. I felt for Jaqueline. I'll send you the link when I'm done. It's been a pleasure and I can't wait to share with my readers.


    d perry

    I love you desk.. Does it count if my "desk" is strewn about my entire house? lol

  5. here it is

  6. Hey, great review! I'm one of those worn out mommies with very little time, but always have a book in my car, in my bathroom, beside my bed, in the kitchen, in my office. And read a little of each every chance I get.
    Glad you enjoyed the book!