Friday, August 28, 2009

Sea World Sleepover

Last Friday, I had a missing post, because my girl scout troop's long awaited trip to Sea World had finally arrived. The girls were excited not only for the chance to visit Sea World, but they were going to get the opportunity to sleep with the Manatees.

Not knowing how it was going to turn out, I didn't want to get my hopes up too high. I wanted it to be fun and educational, and an experience the girls and their moms would remember forever.

Sea World met and exceeded my expectations. It was an amazing night. The instructors kept the girls interested and kept them moving from one exhibit to the next. We were served dinner and breakfast, as well as snacks. And at the end of the night - close to midnight- they brought out our sleeping bags let us stretch out in the manatee exhibit.

The disappointing part of the whole experience came when everyone was free to choose where they wanted to sleep. The options were pretty much heads toward the manatee aquarium or heads toward the wall. I was completely surprised when a few minutes into set up, two troops (the moms) began to confront each other over where they were going to sleep, and actually argue about who chose the place on the ground first.

Now, as parents and girl scout leaders, aren't we supposed to set the example of how to behave? I don't get it. I'm forever surprised when adults act worse than children.

But if anyone out there has the opportunity to participate in one of Sea World's sleep over, I say go for it. It's absolutely worth it!

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