Friday, October 9, 2009

A Day in the Sun

So, when's the worst time to get a cold for an author? If you guessed when your book has just been released and you actually need to be in front of people, you guessed right. And so this week, I've been battling this annoying cold. But, luckily it wasn't anything too horrible, just enough to make my nose red and my eyes reject even the passing thought of make-up.

But luckily it seems to be on it's way out. Yesterday, I spent a great day with my kids on boat out in Oceanside collecting ocean specimens and examining them. I'd signed up for this field trip weeks ago, and had no option but to go. I was dreading it, but aside from the hint of seasickness, it was great! My stuffy head actually cleared up and I was able to enjoy embarrassing my kids by taking pictures of them pretty much continually. And yes, I took pictures of the local wildlife. We saw sea lions, dolphins which were hard to photograph, pelicans, and many crabs, shrimp and plankton.

I'm heading out to Long Beach today to have lunch with a friend and visit a few more bookstores. Since the coastal weather agrees with me, I can't wait.

This weekend, if you live in the Los Angeles area you'll have the chance to meet some great authors and listen to fantastic panels at the Latino Book and Family festival. I always tell people that you don't have to be Latino or speak Spanish to enjoy this book fair. You just have to like reading or writing. I'll be here on Saturday for sure (maybe Sunday) to sign books and speak about writing women's fiction books. Come out and see me if you can.



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