Thursday, October 1, 2009

Tuesday I participated in a radio blog interview with Grand Central. Funny, I'm not much of a phone person anymore. I used to be. I remember sitting on pay phones talking to friends for hours, because my father wouldn't allow me to use the house phone. Then there was college and chatting with boyfriends (how come guys talk so much when you date them, then stop when you get married - okay, something to ponder another time). Anyhow, these days when I get on the phone, I want to say what has to be said, and get off. I've switched to email - writing over talking - big surprise.

So, I wasn't sure how I was going to talk for an hour straight for this blog radio, but I'm always up for a challenge. I'm happy to say that it was easy. First of all this was less than an hour, and secondly it was an interview so thankfully the host, Miriam Parker made it painless for me. Having only emailed her, for me it was great to put a voice to the emails. Her questions were great and made me think.

So, if you didn't catch the interview live, you can listen to it now. Hope you enjoy!




  1. Julia,
    Your post today made me laugh and finally feel that I am in good company when it comes to talking on the phone vs. emails. I'd always rather write. Yet, there was a time when I loved to talk on the phone with friends and boyfriends so I am now wondering why boys do talk a lot when dating them and seem to take a vow of silence along with the marriage vows! I loved it! Thanks for the laugh today!
    ~Anna Rodriguez "the sol within anna"

  2. It's funny, isn't it. After you marry them, it's like pulling teeth. And not only do they not talk, but they barely listen. My husband will sometimes answer something he "thinks" I asked or said, because he was only half listening. He'll say, "yes, I'm hungry." and I'll say, "I didn't ask you if you were hungry, I said, how are you honey."
    Sigh . . .