Saturday, November 28, 2009

Traveling on Black Friday

Seemed to me from what I saw that Friday was the expected, profitable Black Friday for most stores. I spent the day on the road, not shopping, but on my way to visit friends in Utah. But whenever we pulled off the freeways for gas or food or bathroom breaks, people mobbed the shopping centers and it was difficult to find parking.

Are deals really better, the day after Thanksgiving? I don't know - I'm not sure it's worth going out in all the craziness. But hopefully people got great deals and stores made lots of money.

As for me, I had a great time driving through the desert, passing through busy Las Vegas and the gorgeous landscape of Arizona. I visited the Barnes & Noble in St. George, Utah, leaving autographed copies of EVENINGS, then spent a great night with friends.

Today, I'd like to announce that I'll have a guest author, Lucha Corpi visiting on December 3th, so be sure to stop by. She will be on a blog tour and will be giving away copies of her book, DEATH AT SOLTICE to readers who comment. In fact, a grand prize of the collection of all her books will be given to the person who leaves the most comments. Below is her tour schedule and what she'll be discussing.

Death at Solstice Book Tour

Nov 30 Richard Lori Unloaded questions about writing
Dec 1 Mayra Calvani Latino Book Examiner When did she begin writing
Dec 2 Terri Mollina Behind Brown Eyes What is her inspiration
Dec 3 Julia Amante Julia Amante Author's thoughts on her previous books
Dec 4 Anna Rodriguez The Sol Within Indept and soul-searching answers
Dec 7 Misa Ramirez Chasing Heroes Author's seeking Heroes
Dec 8 Monie Reading With Monie What are her writing achievements
Dec 9 Carol Book-lover Carol Part One: How Series came to be
Dec 10 Tasha Heidenkind's Hideaway Part Two: How Series came to be
Dec 11 Nilki Benitez Musings Author writes on her theories of writing

Have fun following Lucha and don't forget to stop back on December 3rd.



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  1. Hi there, Lucha,

    When did you start reading mystery novels?

    I was wondering if you read Agatha Christie when you were young?

    Reading her novels at age 11 was a turning point in my life. From that moment on, I loved reading and decided I wanted to become an author.