Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday

Superbowl Sunday used to always fall on my birthday weekend. My husband was always a good sport about it and didn't complain when he had to spend the weekend with me instead of doing what almost every other man in America was doing, watching the Superbowl. But now that they've moved it to a week later, he can watch it. And yet . . . he's not. I'm not because I had to work today.

We used to tape it to share the game together and watch the half time show, and of course, all the new commercials. It's wierd, because any other time, I hate to watch commercials. But not during the Super Bowl. In fact that's what I missed most today. Every year there's always a few good ones. I came across this one on uTube . They say it was banned, I don't know, but it's pretty funny.

That's what I mean, Superbowl Sunday is just plain fun. So today, whether you got together with friends, watched it for the game, the half time show or the commercials, I hope you had a great time.

And for my old high school friend who loved the Steelers and had everything from posters to helmets to beach towels with Steelers logos on them, Go Steelers!


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