Saturday, February 28, 2009

I was wondering what I could share about Argentina this week and thought it would be fun to introduce you to other Argentine authors. But I found, that actually, I don't know much about Argentine authors, shameful as that is to admit.

Growing up I knew of Jose Luis Borges and read parts of folk classic Martin Fierro and don't even know who wrote that.

So I started surfing the web to see what I could find and came across a blog that spoke about Foundation TyPA who distributed a brochure at the Franfurt book festival on 30 Argentine writers who were not yet translated. Hopefully some of these will be translated to English, because the stories look interesting. To see the brochure follow this link:

This gives a good idea of the type of current writers in Argentina. I'd love to find a few writers that already translated. If I tried to read them in Spanish it would probably take me all year to read one book. If anyone out there wants to recommend a few books, please do. Or even better, American-Argentine authors.

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