Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jr. Olympians Inspire Greatness

Had an awesome weekend with my friends from Florida. I went to watch their twelve year old daughter compete in a gymnastics meet in Del Mar. This is the first competition of this type that I've attended and enjoyed it.

Anytime I'm around people that are doing something they love, I get re-inspired to do what I love, which is of course, to write. These young girls are SO good. My friend tells me they practice for hours. At this level her daughter spends 4 to 5 hours a day practicing. And of course, the closer they get to the Elite level, the more hours they have to dedicate to their chosen sport.

Do those of us that write or would like to write "put in" the numbers of hours it takes to be great? Do we test our skills in writing competitions or by submitting out work to agents and editors? I think greatness really does take a lot of work. It takes time on the computer, putting words on a page. It takes a willingness to attend workshops to continually improve our skills.

The girls at the meet today were focused on each event. My friend warned me not to expect her daughter to acknowledge that we were in the audience because she would not. And I could completely understand that. She wouldn't allow herself to get distracted. I do this when I write. I tune everyone and everything out. I try not to judge what I'm writing until I go back and edit, otherwise I would probably sensor what I wrote. So focus is important.

Also, in writing it's important to do what I was lucky enough to do this weekend, and that is to get away from your work and do something that inspires you. Great people inspire me. For others it might be a weekend in the mountains. Whatever it is, getting away from the work gives you perspective. Practicing is important, but so are breaks every once in a while.

So I'm feeling refreshed and ready to start a busy week. By the way, my friend's daughter came in second all around. She was awesome!!


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